Friday, November 4, 2016

The Useful Idiot, Donald

Those who spent at least a part of their lives in waging the Cold War will remember the phrase “useful idiot” applied to American and European figures who supported ideological positions beneficial to the Former Soviet Union and critical of their own countries.  The phrase was used sarcastically to imply that the “useful idiot” failed to comprehend the value of his speech as propaganda, or to see that he was being manipulated to aid a foreign enemy.

Apparently Madeleine Albright was the first to call Donald Trump a useful idiot on account of his support for Vladimir Putin, and Russian support of Trump in the Presidential election.  It is true, of course, but Trump is much worse than a useful idiot.

Trump is no intellectual arguing social, economic, or political theories.  He is a practical businessman who understands what Russia is doing, even as he understands the divisive effects of his own Fascistic hate speech on America.

Ambition overrules patriotism in Trump’s world.  Donald is more important than the future of America, and he does not care that he has damaged America’s democratic roots, maybe permanently.
But maybe it is worse than that.  Maybe Trump is actively collaborating with Putin.

Leaked intelligence reports show that Trump is truly the willing tool of Russia.  They get him elected, and he agrees to cooperate with them.  

Once he gets into office, he has plenty of willing and fearful allies here. He will ally with the arch-conservatives in repealing all of the modern social legislation that the arch-conservatives demonize.  Repression of gays, women, blacks, and many others will return to the US with a vengeance.  In return the arch-conservatives will ally with other willing elements to expand Trump’s powers and pursue his programs.

Trump will cooperate with his Russian handlers in breaking the back of democracies in Western Europe and around the world.  He has said this already.  The breakup of NATO will be only the beginning, as Putin receives free rein to expand his power around the world.  America’s influence will collapse around the world, as our society and economy collapse at home.

It will be another Dark Age, thanks to Donald the narcissistic, lecherous hatemonger.

Then, what will we think of the Useful Idiot?