Monday, December 12, 2016

FBI Covered Up Russian Manipulation of the US Presidential Election

Director Comey Betrayed America

The Electoral College Is Our Last Hope

The FBI covered up evidence of Russian influence on the US Presidential election in favor of Donald Trump, the British newspaper The Guardian revealed this weekend.

Harry Reid, outgoing Senate minority leader said that FBI director James Comey had information on Russia’s influence and sat on it.

“The FBI had this material for a long time but Comey, who is of course a Republican, refused to divulge specific information about Russia and the presidential election,” Reid told MSNBC on Saturday.

Earlier, the CIA confirmed that Russia hacked DNC computers to obtain information damaging to Hillary Clinton and gave it to WikiLeaks for release.  All 17 US intelligence agencies concur on these findings.  President Obama has ordered that a report of the findings be compiled for public release.

FBI Director Comey Must Go

Comey hid evidence for political motives.  He cannot remain in office.

Is Comey a Traitor?

Comey hid evidence of a foreign operation to sabotage American Democracy.  He betrayed America.  No wonder some are saying that Comey is a traitor.

America needs reliable intelligence and law-enforcement agencies to protect it from foreign cyberwar.  Comey must be investigated to clean out the FBI.

Comey’s Bias Is Obvious

Comey’s bias is clear: Ten days before the election, Comey sent a letter to Capitol Hill leaders indicating the FBI had located additional emails related to its investigation of Clinton’s private email server. Two days before the election, he sent another letter saying the review was complete and that the bureau confirmed its original conclusion finding no criminal wrongdoing. 

Now we see that Comey was sitting on evidence of Russian involvement all the time.

Maybe he really is a traitor.  He acts the same as a Russian agent.

The Electoral College Must Stop the Madness

We cannot have an illegitimate President.  We know now that the Russians influenced the election just to get Trump elected.  We cannot afford a President whose entire purpose is to discredit and destroy American Democracy on behalf of a foreign enemy.

The deadline for the Electoral College is approaching.

The Director of National Intelligence must inform the Electoral College of all relevant intelligence facts about Russian influence in the election.  They must see the proof that Trump is the Illegitimate Candidate, the willing tool of our enemy, Russia. 

The only possible salvation for America is for the College to choose someone other than Mad Man Trump as the next president.

It has been said before, but it is now more urgent than ever:  This is the political equivalent of 9/11.

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Night of the Long Knives

Trump Prepares to Punish the Protectors of Mother Earth

Fossil Fuel Oligarchs Ready to Cheat the People, Enrich Themselves

According to a Bloomberg report, Donald Trump’s transition team has asked the Department of Energy for a list of employees and contractors associated with initiatives inimical to the interests of the fossil fuel industry.  The lists include who attendees at United Nations climate meetings and developers of the Obama administration’s social cost of carbon metrics. 

They want lists of department scientists and their publications -- so that they can root out the serious researchers of climate change and alternative technologies.  

Another request was a list of clean energy and other innovative energy technology programs.

This is a sign that Trump intends to punish those who pursued scientific and administrative efforts to protect the environment, most especially those tainted with honest efforts to understand and counter global warming.  Trump denies climate change and is a crony of the billionaires of the fossil fuel industry.

Calling Out the Witch Hunt

As Bloomberg reported:  Senator Ed Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts, sent a letter to Trump warning that punishment of agency workers “would be tantamount to an illegal modern-day political witch hunt, and would have a profoundly chilling impact on our dedicated federal workforce.”

The Night of the Long Knives

Who knows how far Trump’s vindictive purges will go?  Adolf Hitler executed thousands of cronies and supporters in 1934 to consolidate his own power over Germany.  Stalin executed hundreds of thousands in the Great Purge, to consolidate his power.  Millions were persecuted in Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

Who knows how far Beast Trump’s purges will go? 

Trump is vindictive and thin-skinned.  It all depends on how mad he really is.

Trump, Ally of the Chinese

Is Trump an agent of the Chinese?  Because of its severe environmental problems, China is actively experimenting with new and innovative technologies for cleaner energy technologies.  If Trump cripples US programs, the Chinese will have a clear path to dominate future energy technology markets.  The US will be left in the dust.

Trump and his billionaire oil buddies will love that.  The people will suffer.

Trump the Laughing-Stock

The developed nations of the world are advancing their clean energy technologies, and will be ready with products for the future clean energy market.  They must be laughing their asses off at the ignorance of the United States and its chief laughing-stock, Donald Trump.

The Trump Terror Begins

Americans can wait for Trump’s Terror to descend, or they can act now, speak out, and demand action from their legislators.  

Protect the Earth, resist evil.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Liar Trump Abandons the Working Americans He Promised to Help

Labor leaders said after the election they’d give Trump a chance to deliver on his promised pro-worker agenda.  They don’t need to wait any longer, because they have their answer in Trump’s ANTI-worker agenda.

Trump has revealed his anti-worker agenda and attacked the very working people he promised to help.  Before he even gets to office, the lie is revealed!

Trump’s cabinet appointments are an anti-worker joke.  Nothing but Wall Street fat cats with not a single acknowledgement that workers even exist.  Nothing but policies that promise to crush the workers and make the rich richer.  

What a slap in the face of working people!

Trump threatened the labor union leader who criticized his explanation of the Carrier deal, where the state of Indiana gave Carrier $7 million not to ship a few hundred jobs to Mexico right away. 

Today thin-skinned Trump threatens his critics to stifle dissent.  How bad will it get when he gets into office?  

Will no one be able to speak his mind without attack from the government?

Trump exaggerated the number of jobs saved at Carrier, and ignored the people who will still lose their jobs in Indianapolis.  Nothing but self-promotion from the liar Trump.

Trump’s exaggeration was extremely cruel to the people who are losing their jobs at Carrier.  According to Trump they don’t even exist!

Trump has abandoned the working people who voted for him and stabbed them in the back.  He ruins their lives and then attacks them when they complain.

This is just the start of the coming American Tyranny and Trump's abuse of power.

Working Americans should oppose the vicious liar Trump at every turn.  He is their proven enemy.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Mad Man Trump Intentionally Provokes China, China Pushes Back Hard

As we now know, when Donald Trump conducted a phone call with the Premier of Taiwan, in contravention of the US-China “one state” policy, he did it intentionally.  He was demonstrating to China that he is willing to take a hard line over trade and the South China Sea.

Never mind that he changed the policy of the current administration -- Trump is serious in taking a more contentious position with China.

Long Live the Victory of the Korean People's Army and the Chinese People's Army!

Trump says that China “takes advantage of us” when it engages in free trade and sells us things at prices so low that we cannot refuse.  He is apparently ready to confront China economically and militarily, no matter the consequences.  This is a dangerous game.

Now China has hit back – hard.

Today, the Chinese renminbi fell by about 10 percent against the dollar, one of the biggest single-day moves since Beijing allowed its money to partially float.  This is a clear, intentional signal on the part of a China that carefully controls the daily changes in its currency exchange rate.

A one-day 10% reduction in the renminbi versus the dollar is huge.

Such a currency move by a major international trading partner and competitor has serious economic consequences.  The US already has enough trouble competing in international trade, and now Trump’s foolishness has resulted in China reducing its prices even more!

Trump’s recklessness will have adverse consequences for all of America.  We have trading partners, you dunce.  You made our competitive position in world markets even worse!

China is not going to back down.  They have all the trump cards.  They can undercut America and will flood our markets until Trump and Congress raise tariff barriers against them.

The Chinese People Cannot Easily Be Humiliated!

What will the American people say a year from now as American exports fall even more, and China grabs an even greater piece of the international trading pie?  What will they say as prices rise and their meager wages are stretched even tighter? 

What will Americans say as Mad Man Trump plunges the US into another recession

Trying to change the US-China-Taiwan relationship before he is President is radically disruptive to US policy and harmful to American workers.  He will be sadly surprised by both domestic and international repercussions.

If he escalates this offensive into a military confrontation, it could be catastrophic.