Thursday, December 8, 2016

Liar Trump Abandons the Working Americans He Promised to Help

Labor leaders said after the election they’d give Trump a chance to deliver on his promised pro-worker agenda.  They don’t need to wait any longer, because they have their answer in Trump’s ANTI-worker agenda.

Trump has revealed his anti-worker agenda and attacked the very working people he promised to help.  Before he even gets to office, the lie is revealed!

Trump’s cabinet appointments are an anti-worker joke.  Nothing but Wall Street fat cats with not a single acknowledgement that workers even exist.  Nothing but policies that promise to crush the workers and make the rich richer.  

What a slap in the face of working people!

Trump threatened the labor union leader who criticized his explanation of the Carrier deal, where the state of Indiana gave Carrier $7 million not to ship a few hundred jobs to Mexico right away. 

Today thin-skinned Trump threatens his critics to stifle dissent.  How bad will it get when he gets into office?  

Will no one be able to speak his mind without attack from the government?

Trump exaggerated the number of jobs saved at Carrier, and ignored the people who will still lose their jobs in Indianapolis.  Nothing but self-promotion from the liar Trump.

Trump’s exaggeration was extremely cruel to the people who are losing their jobs at Carrier.  According to Trump they don’t even exist!

Trump has abandoned the working people who voted for him and stabbed them in the back.  He ruins their lives and then attacks them when they complain.

This is just the start of the coming American Tyranny and Trump's abuse of power.

Working Americans should oppose the vicious liar Trump at every turn.  He is their proven enemy.