Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Interior Department Rule on Natural Gas Emissions

The Interior Department today finalized a regulation to capture emissions from the flaring and venting of natural gas in drilling operations on public lands.  Studies have shown that methane released from these operations is a significant component of overall global emissions of methane, including intentional burning and venting by operators, accidents, and leaks not detected by operators.  

Methane is a major contributor to global warming through the greenhouse effect.

The rule would require close monitoring of Melania Trump's frequent emissions.

The Trump administration is anticipated to review and nullify the rule.  "The fate of the world's children is no concern of ours," said an ill-informed member of the transition team.  "If you hippies are so concerned, go kill some cows."

Unknown at this time is any relationship to the Trump administration's plan to replace fission and fusion weapons with conventional weapons based on coal, oil, and natural gas.