Friday, November 4, 2016

Melania Trump Worked without the Necessary Visa, AP Says

The AP just announced that when Melania Trump first entered the United States, whe worked 10 modeling jobs in the seven weeks before she was legally entitled to work here.

The AP did the research and found records proving that she entered the US and did modeling work without proper papers.  She earned income during that time.  This is based on internal records from the modeling firm that employed Melania.

Several months ago, Donald Trump announced that Melania would hold a press conference where she would produce her visa.  She never did, and has said nothing on the subject since.

Trump lied about Melania's work status, and he lied again when he said that she would produce proof of her legal work status.

Melania was an illegal alien stealing jobs from Americans.  She DID NOT have a legal work visa.

This is immigration fraud, and she covered it up.  It could still get her in trouble.

President Trump would have her deported.

If Donald is so concerned about immigrants stealing jobs, he should have Melania volunteer to be deported back to Russia.  As if the self-centered little boy was truly concerned for America.

Donald Trump once again shows what a hypocrite he is.

They are all rapists, says the demagogue and hypocrite.  Coming from an accused rapist it could be funny, but for America it's just pathetic.