Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ignorant Donald Trump to Scrap NASA’s “Politicized” Climate Change Research

Continued surveillance of the earth is the only way mankind can track climate change and its impact on the living systems that sustain our lives.  Now the astoundingly ignorant demagogue and President-elect, Donald Trump, wants to end NASA’s vital program of climate change research.

The threat to humanity

Robert Walker, a lobbyist appointed by Trump to lead the NASA transition for the new administration, has said there was no need for NASA to do missions that he previously called “politically correct environmental monitoring”.  Walker, who was the chair of aerospace research under George Bush, said the “interference” of politicians in climate change research was preventing scientists from discovering the “reality” about climate change.

Now the political hacks define “reality”

Walker is blatantly illogical and prejudicial.  This lobbying hack has decided a priori that he already knows the “reality” about climate change, meaning that he is trying to peddle preconceived notions.  How misleading and pernicious of him to accuse scientists of hiding “reality” when their data and methods are public knowledge.  Scientific data are public knowledge that anyone can review and interpret.  If someone wants to disagree about global warming, all he needs to do is publish a paper with the relevant data, analysis, and conclusions.  The reality is there for all to see.

Walker is an ignorant liar with no credibility

How can “monitoring” be “politically correct”?  Monitoring means observing and measuring.  Observing a system is the first step in understanding that system and what makes it tick.  It is a part of the scientific method, which Walker obviously does not understand.  He is shockingly ignorant and malicious.  Is this responsible governing?  Walker is a self-contradictory propagandist like his boss Trump.  This crawling creep places ideology over truth, and will drive America to climate hell.

Trump has fevered dreams of grandiosity

Trump wants manned exploration of space at the expense of understanding planet earth.  Such are the fevered dreams of an infantile, narcissistic demagogue.  Trump would substitute grandiose dreams of space exploration for the practical understanding of planet earth -- understanding that “enables us to live better lives and actually save lives.” "While deep space exploration enables us to have big dreams, understanding planet earth enables us to live better lives and actually save lives," Malte Meinshausen, director of the Climate & Energy College at Melbourne University, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Gavin Schmidt, a climate scientist and the head of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, believes that Trump won't be able to fulfill his promise to make such drastic cuts. The federal bureaucracy's size and complexity makes it impossible to change course so swiftly and radically, Schmidt argues. 

Trump sacrifices the safety and security of America

The same NASA systems that enable climate research also enable weather forecasting and detection of environmental hazards.  Trump cannot eliminate NASA climate research without also eliminating weather observation and environmental hazard detection.

Ongoing operations of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard depend on awareness of the immediate environment, and planning future forces and operations of the uniformed services requires an understanding of probable future climates and their impact on human activities.  The US military already incorporates anthropogenic climate change into its planning for the future.

His attack on NASA earth science is just another way Trump has shown that he does not care about the loyal Americans who serve in the military.  Narcissistic egotists are like that.  After all, Trump refuses to refer to American POWs as “heroes”.  He only likes winners.

Trump sacrifices the climate refugees of the future

Humanitarian relief and peace enforcement are two of the main missions of the US military, which is one of the first organizations called on to respond to humanitarian disasters around the world.  As cities sink beneath the waves, as deserts replace croplands, as millions of refugees surge across national borders – how prepared will we be?  And of course, the US is not immune to the human impact of continued anthropogenic climate change.

Trump is sacrificing the lives of the afflicted people who will need our help in the future, both here at home and around the world.

The world is laughing at us

Now that the American public has elected an anti-scientific demagogue as its next President, the world comprehends the United States as the land of superstition, hatemongering, and backwardness.  America’s influence has been annihilated by the fool Trump, and decades of strategy and diplomacy have now gone down the tubes. 

Ignorance is the hallmark of Trump’s Republican Fascists

The effects of anthropogenic climate change are already being experienced around the world in temperature anomalies, retreating ice cover, rising sea level, ocean acidification, and dislocations of human, animal, and plant populations.

Climate change isn’t going away just because an ignorant fool decided to ignore it. 

The people have chosen extinction for their children

Americans have spoken, and they have voted against the futures of their own children.  Simple-minded fantasies are so much easier to understand than the true complexities of our world

Trump defines itself

The Trump has now defined itself as the enemy of all mankind.  Humanity cannot sit by idly while Trump destroys our most precious gift, knowledge, and along with it, mankind’s chance of survival.