Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cheney Threatens America with Nuclear War

Will they stop at nothing? Bush and Cheney have already ruined the US financially with their debt-and-credit crisis. Now Cheney threatens us with nuclear annihilation.

In an interview this week, former Vice President Dick Cheney said that there is a "high probability" of a nuclear attack on the United States by terrorists during Barack Obama's presidency. Mr. Cheney, do you mean that the Bush administration knows of a certain nuclear strike on the US and has done nothing about it?

Implying that such an attack would be due to a weak approach to terrorism by President Obama, Cheney complained that Democrats "are more concerned about reading the rights to an Al Qaeda terrorist" than protecting the U.S. from Osama Bin Laden's gang. Obviously international law means nothing to Bush's former hit man.

Perhaps thinking that a policy of bullying militancy would cow American's terrorist opponents, Cheney referred to people who think "if we just go talk nice to these folks, everything's going to be okay." Cheney denied the value of diplomacy and coalition-building, because instead of discussing the role of our allies and middle-eastern populations in the war on terror, he said "We're not going to win this fight by turning the other cheek."

Cheney is obviously trying to cover up for the lies that he told the American people about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Does he think that we haven't noticed the total failure of Bush-Cheney policies, like the interminable occupation of Iraq, the loss of America's position as the moral leader of the world, and the fact that we need to send more troops to Afghanistan? It was under
the Bush and Cheney administration that terrorists already attacked the US and caused mass casualties.
Not satisfied with cheap innuendo, Cheney ghoulishly said that "perhaps hundreds of thousands of people" would perish in such a strike. He could have mentioned the thousands of innocent civilian casualties that have already occurred in Iraq because of the policies that he and Bush pushed on the world.

Bush and Cheney have already ruined the US economically with a financial crisis brought on by their total failure to attend to the nation's monetary, fiscal, and regulatory policies. Now Cheney threatens our lives with nuclear annihilation.